Cut size(Whole leavescrushed)

Natural smell.

Dark green color.

limited pesticides.

free of insects.

Grade No. 1, size 5.6 mm, moisture max 13%, oil min 1%, dust max. 13%.

Grade No. 2, size 5.6 mm, moisture max 14%, oil min 0.8%, dust max. 15%.

Salmonila & E-Colie : free


Cut size ( Basil leaves or crushed)

Greenish grey color.

Same smell of the fresh basil.

Free of alive or dead insects.

Free of mouldy or bad smell. Moisture max 12%.

Vaporous oil min. 0.3%.

Admixture max 1%.

Stem and seeds max. 3%.

Dried yellow or brown leaves max. 5%.

Salmonila & E-Colie : free


.Leaves or partite or crushed or coarse

.color, purity min. 99%.

.Light or dark green natural.

.Good smell and taste.

.Free of F.M.

.Free of infections.

.Moisture max. 5%.

. Salmonila & E-Colie : free


Cut size: Stem-leaves-flower

Appearance: fine sliced plant pins

Colour: pale green to green, partly brownish

Odour: typical, spicy, slight smell of camphor

Flavour: typical, spicy, slightly bitter and hot

Extraneous Matter 0.75% w/w maximum

Volatile Oil 1.0% minimum


Peppermint leaves or Coarse  cut or TBC..

strong aroma

Dark green color.

Free of insects

Salmonila & E-Colie : free



 CUT SIZE (Flower.crushed.T.B.C) .

Chamomile flower , firstgrade , purity min . 99% 3.5

Free of bad or mouldy smell, natural smeel.

Free of alive insects or infected by insects or rodents.

F.M or stem max. 3%.

Salmonila & E-Colie : free


Very good smell

Whole flowers

Oil min. 0.4%

Moisture max. 10%



Uniformed color

Special natural good smell Free of seeds

Oil min. 0.4%

Moisture max. 10%



Natural good white color or white yellowish color Informed color

Very good smell

Moisture max. 10% .



CUT SIZE (Flowers-crushed-T.B.C) .

Water \moisture: max 8% . 

Oil content: min 0.03% .

Salmonila & E-Colie : free.

Senna leaves

Senna leaves, pods or crushed, leaves and powder.

Color: Brown.

free of insects.

Salmonila & E-Colie : free.