Cut size: leaf

Appearance: Olive-dark green leaf fragments with some stems

Odour: Herbaceous, grassy

Flavour: Minerally, grassy, slightly earthy and seaweed

E.Coli: Absent/10g

Salmonella: Absent/25g

Heavy Metals: Max 10ppm


Cut size(Moringa leaves or crushed Leaves or powder.)

Appearance:Brown coloured powder

Flavour: Typical

Odour: Characteristic

Salmonella:   absent

E.coli : absent

Yeast and mould : < 100 cfu/g


.Leaves or partite or crushed or tips or seeds.

.Light or dark green color.

.Natural good smell.

.Free of foreign matters.

.Free of insects.

.Moisture max 5%.

.Packing in new P.P bags each about 25 or 50 kgs net.

.Salmonila & E-Colie : free

Coriander leaves

-Good color & smell without mould or bad smell.

-Free of alive or dead insects.

-Free of additives.

-Admixture Max. 3%.

-Moisture Max. 12%.

-Oil min 3%.

-Free of pesticides.

-Purity min. 99% well cleaned.

-Packing in new P.P. bags

-Salmonila & E-Colie : free


>>Cut size(Leaves or partite or flower partite).

Green majoram, silver green, black (dark grey).

Free of F.M.

Without mouldy or bad smell or strange colors.

Free of alive or dead insects.

Moisture max 10%.

Dust max. 16%.

Stem max. 10%.

F.M. max 2%.

Oil min. 1.7 max. 3.5%.

Salmonila & E-Colie : free.